Anika Works is on a mission

We are a matchmaking platform for leaders of small to mid-size nonprofits, champions, to Prepare, Connect, and Grow their nonprofits so they can focus on what matters most – doing good work.

A Resource Hub

Anika Works is an ecosystem of resources to help Champions (small to mid-size nonprofits) connect to resources as they move through the fundraising cycle.

It Takes A Village

An effective nonprofit ecosystem is comprised of three main players: Champions, Supporters, & Investors

Champions – Leaders of small nonprofits (i.e. Founders, Executive Directors, “The Face”).

Supporters – Individuals that contribute time or unique skills to nonprofits (i.e. Nonprofit Ambassadors or Service Partners)

Investors – People or corporations that contribute financially (i.e. Individual Donors or Corporate Sponsors)

Are You a Champion, Supporter, or Investor?

Click below to learn more about how Anika Works connects each key player in our ecosystems.

How We Work

Anika Works starts with a PCG (Prepare, Connect, Grow) Assessment for Champions to help us and them understand their nonprofit’s strengths and areas for improvement.

We leverage their answers to generate a PCG Scorecard, which helps us connect them to Supporters and Investors.

Champions have access to our crowdfunding platform as part of their membership where they can collect donations from their followers and we will also tap our followers to expand their reach. They also have the option to be matched with corporate sponsors in our network for additional funding on large projects.

Once the Champion has the funds we help them determine where the money will give them the best return on their spend so they can grow their organization in a way that will allow them to help more people in an efficient and effective way. Overall, we have created a simple process that is condensed into three parts that organizations cycle through.




We help Champions Prepare and fundraise by matching them with Supporters.

We help Champions Connect and achieve their fundraising goals by matching them with Investors.

We help Champions Grow and invest their funding in people and processes by managing their Supporters and Investors.

Key Features:

  • Advisory hours
  • Service Partner Matchmaking

Key Features:

  • Online Fundraising Campaigns
  • Corporate Sponsor Matchmaking

Key Features:

  • Service Partner/Corporate Sponsor Management
  • Reporting
  • Campaign Promotion

This process enables Anika Works to help Champions Prepare, Connect, and Grow, so they can focus on what matters most – doing good work.

When Champions are equipped for success, we all win.

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