Anika Works …

helps small to mid-size nonprofits transform their process and operations so they can focus on what matters most – doing good work.


Anika is a name that means something different to everyone. To us, it is a reminder of anicca, the concept of impermanence.

At Anika Works, we embrace and cultivate change within our organization as well as the global community of nonprofits we serve.

Who We Are

Anika Works, founded in 2019 in Toronto, Canada, is a global tech startup dedicated to the future of the nonprofit sector.


To help Champions (small to mid-sized nonprofits) Prepare, Connect, and Grow so they can focus on what matters most – doing good work.


A world where small to mid-sized nonprofits are effectively equipped to achieve their goals.

Core Values

Our connected network is rooted in trust and credibility. which we build from a foundation of shared values.

Our Story

Anika Works is a matchmaking platform to help match leaders of small to mid-size nonprofits or as we like to call them, Champions, with resources. These resources help them Prepare, Connect, and Grow their organization so they can focus on what matters most- doing more good work. 

In the Prepare stage, we help Champions connect with service partners to help them with the steps leading up to fundraising or asking for money. This might involve helping them with web presence like a website, marketing, or some of the back office needs like basic accounting or data organization. 

Once they are ready and Prepared for fundraising we help Connect them with the right people for their fundraising needs.

Some Champions may only need a handful of donors and can fill their need by fundraising on our site with a campaign. Others may have large goals and we will work with our Champions to Connect them with our corporate sponsors and build long rewarding relationships that are a win-win for both parties. 

Once the Champions has the funds from Connecting with the right people, we help them utilize those funds in the best way possible so they can Grow their operations to do more good work. Part of the Grow process is matching them with service providers to make sure they have the reporting in place, are spending it on the best areas of their operation, and building a plan for achievable Growth.

Our Team

Rebecca Jacobs

Founder & CEO

Rebecca has dedicated her life to creating meaningful change. Losing her parents at a young age taught her that the only constant in life is change – we can either resist it, or embrace it as an opportunity. 

Professionally, that meant applying entrepreneurial, empathetic leadership to the local Canadian and international nonprofit sector. Her authentic perspective of the nonprofit landscape, plus the Champions she met along the way, inspired her to start Anika Works in 2019.

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