Are You A Champion?

Champions inspire us to care about a cause so much that it moves us to connect through support and funding.

What’s In A Champion?

Dedication – as the current founder, executive, or face of a small to mid-size nonprofit organization.

Passionate – about positively contributing to their local or global community.

Action Oriented – sparked by a personal experience or direct observation of the problems they’re looking to solve.

Change – a willingness to adapt and grow, both as an individual and their organization.

Kinna is one in a million, but also one of many nonprofit leaders we believe are Champions.

Why Work With Us?

We believe in the power of Champions. We want them to be able to spend their time on what matters most – doing good work. That’s why we match Champions with our community of Supporters and Investors

Register and Pay

  • Register and provide basic information about your nonprofit.
  • You will have the option to join our Free, Silver, or Gold Pricing Tier.

PCG (Prepare, Connect, Grow) Assessment

  • Fill out our PCG Assessment to better understand yourself, your organization, and your team.
  • Based on your answers, we calculate your PCG Score. It’s holistic and honest. We can use it to connect you to supporters & advocate for you to Investors.


  • Your PCG Score helps you improve on your already amazing nonprofit. We meet you where you’re at, and recommend 3 major areas you can focus on in the next year that will take your nonprofit to the next level.

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