As long as you have a registered nonprofit organization you can apply to be on our platform. Anika Works helps registered nonprofit organizations in various locations and of diverse sizes and causes. Organizations must be able to show a  track record of project implementation. Organizations have to register before they can be accepted.

If you are not a founder or executive director, that's okay. You can still fill out a nomination form for your organization and we will start the process of getting your nonprofit set up on our platform with a profile and campaign if applicable. 

If you’d like to join Anika Works as a Champion and have your nonprofit organization listed on our campaigns page, please complete our registration and we will get back to you (usually within 30 days) to review your results and profile. 

If you'd like to join our network of Service Partners you can complete our intake form and we will get back to you (usually within 30 days) to join the network for free. 

If you’d like to invest as a Corporate Sponsor please contact us and we will get back to you within 7 days to set up a meeting and learn more about what you’re looking to sponsor and to provide consultation.

If you’d like to start a fundraising campaign first you must be a registered nonprofit in your country at least. If you haven’t registered with us yet please complete our registration form to get started and then purchase our silver or gold subscription for fundraising capability. If you’ve completed a registration form and only opted in to the bronze subscription, you can enable fundraising by opting into the Silver or Gold subscription. 

If you’d like to change the fundraising goals on your campaign, please Contact Us and we’ll work with you to update your goal on our platform.

Awesome!! If you hit your goal, your campaign will stay active until the end of the quarter where we set new goals. We will then contact you to learn more about what you plan to do with those additional funds so we can update your donors for you through our platform.

Of course! Any donors that come through our platform to donate to your campaign agree to us sharing their contact information with you, as the recipient of the donation. This way you have a full list of all donors and can keep them updated on what you’re doing at your organization beyond the updates we provide.

When you register as a nonprofit to be on the Anika Works platform you will only need your base contact information, charity ID, and potentially your payment information if you want to subscribe to one of our paid plans at this point.


A campaign is an online fundraiser where a nonprofit collects donations to make advancement or improvement in their organization so they can do more good work. If you are interested in donating to a champion’s campaign you can visit our campaign page to view the different organization and what they are raising donations for.

At this time Anika Works doesn’t fund individuals. We do fund organizations and use the individual stories of the founders or key team members to support the organization in their fundraising efforts. If you are looking to raise funds for an individual then websites such as gofundme.com can help you with those fundraising needs.

Unfortunately, not at this time. We are solely focused on nonprofits with the hope of helping grassroots organizations for social good later. If you are looking for assistance raising funds for your for-profit venture then consider websites like kickstarter, or ifundwomen if you are a female entrepreneur.

We disburse funds at the end of each month to the champions. We then check in with the champions on a regular basis to see how the campaign project is going, where the funds are going, and if they need assistance raising more money. Every year we also re-evaluate their finances to make sure they are spending the funds how they said they would.

Anika Works will have a record of all payments in our database, and Nonprofits have access to this information as per our Terms. That being said, you can select “anonymous” as a donation option if you do not wish your information to be publicly listed on the Champion profile.

We offer the Anika Works Guarantee, which gives you the option of requesting a full refund up to 14 days after your donation date, or before our disbursement at the end of month (whichever comes first). If you are unsatisfied with your donation after this period, we invite you to reach out directly to the nonprofit to request a refund.

We offer receipts for all transactions so you know when you made a donation and to which campaign you donated. In the future, we plan to have the ability for donors to also log into their own accounts to track their donation.

Currently, Anika Works is an opt-in platform. Any 501(c)3 or equivalent organization can apply. Organizations interested in joining the Anika Works platform will need to Register, receive approval from Anika Works (usually less than 30 days), then we’ll post a campaign on their behalf on Anika Works. 

Unfortunately, not at this time. We only accept donation of money since we are set up for campaigns and fund disbursement, not goods distribution. It’s also easier for us to help more Nonprofits by being able to digitally disperse funds rather than sending goods and being limited by shipping capabilities.

If you would like to end your recurring donation please Contact Us with your Full Name, the Email Address you signed up with, and the Campaign you donated to. We will end your recurring donation. It can take up to 5 days so if you would like to cancel before the next donation installment then please make sure you provide us that lead time.

If you’d like to update your credit card or billing information, please Contact Us with your Full Name, the Email Address you signed up with, and the Campaign you donated to and we will help you update your credit card or billing information.

You will be charged for monthly donations on the same day each month that you originally signed up for monthly donations. As an example, if you sign up for recurring donations on the 5th of October, you will be billed on the 5th of each month going forward.

If you’d like to update your recurring donation amount please Contact Us with your Full Name, the Email Address you signed up with, and the Campaign you donated to and we will help you update your amount.

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