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Jana Bell

Founder, Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC)

Conservation | Environment | Protection of Species

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy saves the Amazon Rainforest and helps reduces the effects of climate change through our efforts in Peru in the Amazon Rainforest.

Impact By the Numbers (2020)


Acers Protected


Species Protected

3.4 M

People benefiting from Oxygen Produced

Jana’s Story

In a previous life I’ve worked in the corporate world. This whole journey with conservation and the Amazon rainforest actually started in 2011. While on vacation in Peru, there was something about the Amazon that spoke to me. It’s such an incredible sort of cathedral.

I came home to Canada and I knew I had to go back and explore it some more. That’s when I saw firsthand the destruction of acres and acres of primary rainforests destroyed by illegal logging. I visited the illegal gold mining camps that were essentially changing pristine wilderness into mercury polluted moonscapes. I walked on the new roads that were being built that were slicing through previously remote and inaccessible areas where indigenous people live in voluntary isolation. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and what we were doing to what is the lungs of our planet.

When I returned home from that trip, I just felt an overwhelming responsibility. I had to get involved, I had to do something. I searched for a Canadian organization doing conservation in the area that I had visited. There wasn’t one. That’s what propelled me to start Amazon Rainforest Conservancy.


To purchase and protect threatened tropical rainforest habitats in the Amazon for conservation, research and education and to protect biodiversity and enhance the survival of wildlife species and ecosystems for future generations.


The Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed causing harm to the animals that inhabit it and impacting global warming.


Saving the Amazon Rainforest, one acre at a time.

  1. Acquiring land to keep it out of the hands of illegal deforestation
  2. Protecting land
  3. Research & education

Partners & Sponsors

2020 Goals

  • Increase knowledge of Amazonian ecosystems and biodiversity, how to protect and restore them, and the global ecosystem services they provide.
  • Increase our land holdings.
  • Launch and maintain successful forest ranger program.


  • Launching Online Education Program (Sept 2020).
  • Working with Journeymen International architects to design our research station and main forest ranger station.
  • Award winning Ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo choosing ARC to create a campaign pro bono.

How We’ll Spend Your Donations

  • Team: Salaries in Peru
  • Operations: Transportation
  • Capital Expenses: Supplies & Equipment
  • Programs: Land Purchases

Cost To Protect One Acre: $100

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