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Jana Bell

Founder and President, Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC)

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The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is a registered Canadian charity. We believe the purchasing of intact ecosystems in the Amazon rainforest for conservation, research and education is one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations. Join us in saving the Amazon rainforest while there’s still time!

Impact By the Numbers (2020)


Acres Protected


Species Protected

3.4 M

People Benefitting From Oxygen Produced

Jana’s Story

In 2014, I founded Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) after witnessing first hand the destruction occurring in the Amazon rainforest. I saw vast areas of ancient primary rainforest devastated by illegal logging. I visited illegal gold mining camps that had transformed pristine wilderness into mercury-polluted moonscapes. I walked the new roads slicing through previously remote and inaccessible areas, where indigenous people live in voluntary isolation.

It was these startling experiences that propelled me to launch ARC in 2014. I could not believe what I was seeing and felt an overwhelming responsibility to get involved.


To purchase and protect threatened tropical rainforest habitats in the Amazon for conservation, research and education and to protect biodiversity and enhance the survival of wildlife species and ecosystems for future generations.


Deforestation of the Amazon continues to accelerate despite scientists telling us that the Amazon rainforest plays a key role in the basic functioning of the planet. Interventions are needed to prevent a large scale and irreversible ecological disaster.


Saving the Amazon Rainforest, one acre at a time through:

1) Conservation
2) Protection 

2020 Goals

  • Increase our landholdings
  • Launch formal forest ranger program
  • Launch online education program


  • Launching EARTH (Environmental Activities & Rainforest Teachings at Home) in October 2020.
  • Working with Journeymen International architects on designing the ARC forest ranger station and research station.
  • Recipient of ad campaign by award winning advertising agency Zulu Alpha Kilo.

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