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Laura Bacon

Founder, The Well

Equitable Rights | Women’s Rights | Economic Growth

The Well eliminates barriers for WOC entrepreneurs through community, education, and access.

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Laura’s Story

Laura, a seasoned educator, started her own business in 2014 to supplement her income and achieve her financial goals. She quickly came to realize, however, that it was incredibly challenging to navigate the ups and downs of startup life alone. It was even more difficult to do so with the lack of information available that spoke to her unique experiences as an underrepresented founder. That’s why she decided to start The 3rd – so that women like her could build a community of support around her.


We provide community, education support, and access to WOC entrepreneurs.


We envision a world where women of color have personal agency, create generational wealth, and are represented in the highest circles of leadership.


There are significant barriers for WOC Entrepreneurs.


Providing access, community, and education.

  1. Bringing WOC together
  2. Connect WOC owned businesses
  3. Advocating for change in organizations and in policies so that WOC entrepreneurs are better served by the communities that they live in

Partners & Sponsors

2020 Goals

  • Open The 3rd’s Physical Space
  • Initiate The 3rd’s business development program
  • Run a non profit that has high expectations for revenues that are continually met


  • Our idea for a revolutionary space has been moved forward by a national developer.
  • Received a donation of space from a national developer.
  • We paired up with a design firm to create mission, vision, and value statements and provide extensive market research around products and services.

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