Our Guarantee

If you have made a donation via Anika Works Online Fundraising Campaigns, and would like to refund your donation, Email us at hello@anika.works within 14 days or before disbursement (whichever comes first) of your Donation Date with your Full Name, the Email you used to make the donation, the Donation Date, and the Donation Amount. Anika Works will issue a refund and you will receive 100% of your donation (excluding payment processing fees) back via your payment provider within 7-14 business days of confirmation. 

All donations are only able to be refunded prior to their disbursement to the beneficiary which happens at the end of each month. If a donor requests a refund for a donation that you’ve already received, or the refund window has passed, the refund will need to be handled outside of Anika Works.

Please note that issuing a refund for any contribution will automatically void your charitable tax receipt. A refund receipt will be issued.

Nonprofits are always welcome to refund donors outside of Anika Works, via their own accounting methods. If you choose to issue a refund outside of Anika Works, keep in mind you will be responsible for providing a donation receipt. You’ll also want to take any donation or processing fees into consideration. 

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